A historical town, like Nafplio, has a lot of sights that are worth a visit. There are literally infinite choices, the one better than the other. Every visitor will be satisfied, that's for sure.


The Venetian fortress, known as Bourtzi, is considered as the trademark of the town. It was built by the Venetians in 1417 and its first name was Castello dello Soglio. It consists of a tall octagonal tower and it is surrounded by semicircular towers. The entrance of the bay used to close with a movable chain, so " Porto Gardena ", the port of the chain, was a safe place.

In 1865, Bourtzi wasn't a fortress anymore and they start to use it as a place for the convicts of Palamilidi to stay, as the center of the Greek defense during the raid of Ibrahim, as the center of the Organization of Tourism and as a place to accomodate the Greek government.  

Nowadays, visitors can reach it with a boat from the port of Nafplion and watch many events that are organized during summer.



Between the sights of Nafplion, the well known castle of Palamidi distinguishes, an imposing Venetian fortress, built in 18th century. The steep homonymous hill was fortified by the Venetians after a battle with the Turks, during the war between them in 1687. The fortress was impregnable and consisted of eight bastions. 857 stairs connect it with Nafplio.

Inside the homonyous bastion on the top of the fortress, there is still the chapel of Apostolos Andreas, since the era of the Venetians. Near the chapel there is the bastion “Miltiadis”, where the hero of the Greek revolution, Theodoros Kookotronis was locked up.

You can access the fortress through the road or by the 857 stairs. By reaching it, the scenery reminds you another era, until you reach the highest spot, where you can enjoy an amazing view to the town and the area.



The rocky peninsula Akronafplia was the old acropolis of Nafplio. The Turks used to call it Its-Kale, which means internal castle. It is an oblong peninsula that penetrates the Argolikos bay and connects to the coast in its east side, the pass of Arvanitia. Akronafplia consists of three levels, each one of them was a castle. The fortification of Akronafplia was extended during the possession of the town from the Romans, the Franks, the Venetians and the Turks. During the era of Kapodistrias, there were built a church and a military hospital and the fortification and the armature were fixed. After 1821, it was used as a camp and as a jail.


The Bavarian Lion
An impressive monument, that was carved in a rock in 1936 by the German sculptor Siggel. The lion has its eyes closed in an expression of sadness, like a human.

The monument of Dimitrios Ypsilantis
The monument of Dimitrios Ypsilantis was constructed in Vienna and was placed in the Constitution square in 1843. in 1951 the monument was transported to “Trion Navarxon” square.

The statue of Kapodistrias
The monument of Kapodistrias is awork of art of the sculptor M.Tompros and was placed in Kapodistria's square in 1933. In Nafplio, the first government of Greece took an oath and the first governor, Kapodistrias, was murdered. “Kapodistrias” square divides the New and the Old town.


Archeological Museum

It is a traditional building that hosts many remarkable collections. It was built in 1713 and it hosts signifigant collections of findings from the Prehistoric and Mycenaean period in the area. In the room of the first floor there are the findings of the Prehistoric period, while on the second floor there are the findings of the historic period.