One of the most traditional and cosmopolitan places in Greece, Nafplion, lays under the shadow of the Venetian fortress, has the glamor of another era with neoclassic buildings, paved squares and castles that compose a unique scenery.

Beautiful Nafplion with its long history, was the first capital of Greece, after the release of the Turks. The area has an especial calmness and a weird beauty, with lots of monuments that testify its history and culture. Nafplion is built around the hill of Palamidi, on top of which there is the homonym fortress, and it divides in Old and New town. The old historic town extends to the north side of Akronafplia, while the modern town extends to the east, towards the shadow of the famous castle.

During your stay in Nafplion, it's worth a visit to the museums, to the impressive churches, to walk around the historic squares and of course to visit the legendary castles. There are also many options for amusement. There are many taverns, restaurants, coffee shops, bars in the area, that offers unique moments of fun.

Nafplion and the whole area, with the lacy coasts, the unique natural beauties and the cozy hospitality of the local people is an ideal destination, that ollects a huge amount of visitors every year, from Greece and abroad.